Company By-Laws





Fearless Fire Company

No. 14 of Allentown Inc.


1221 South Front Street

Allentown, PA 18103

Mission Statement

      We the members of the Fearless Fire Co. No 14 of Allentown Inc, in order to form the best possible social club, provide for our members, and serve the community, do establish this Constitution and these By-laws for the Fearless Fire Co. of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Order of Business

                                                                                  Meeting called to Order

           Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

   Moment of Silence


  1. Roll Call of Officers
  2. Reading of the Minutes
  3. Reports

   Board of Governors

   Death Benefit Fund

   Standing Committees

4. Applications for Membership

5. Unfinished Business

6. New Business

7. Communications

8. Financial Secretary’s Report

       9. Treasurer’s Report

       10. Good of the Company

       11. Adjournment



Article I

          This Corporation shall be known by the name, style and title of FEARLESS FIRE COMPANY NO. 14 OF ALLENTOWN INC.

Article II

          The Seal of the Company shall contain the words:

                                                      FEARLESS FIRE COMPANY NO. 14 OF ALLENTOWN INC.                                                                 The Motto shall be, ” For the Public Good.”

Article III

          Section 1. The elected officers of this Company shall be a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Two (2) House Committee persons, which shall constitute the Board of Governors, all of whom shall be elected annually.

          Section 2. In case vacancies occur by death, resignation, removal or otherwise, they shall be filled by a special election or appointment by the President, at the next regular stated meeting. Any officer missing three (3) consecutive Board meetings and/or General meetings without reasonable excuse shall be asked to resign and their position declared vacant. 


Article I


          Section 1. The Company shall hold its regular stated meetings the first Monday of the month at 6:00 PM, except in July and August. Should the first Monday of the month be a legal holiday, then the meeting shall be held the following Monday at 6:00 PM.

       Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President when he/she deems it necessary or when requested, in writing, by five (5) Active members, in which event the President shall cause the Recording Secretary to issue a call for a special meeting. Members shall be notified by e-mail and by posting notice on the bulletin board five (5) days prior to the meeting. Said notice to state the time and purpose of the meeting.

     Section 3. One more than half the Active members present shall constitute a quorum.


Article II


          Section 1. There shall be three (3) distinctions of membership, namely: Life, Active and Social. Applications for Membership cannot be removed from the Club. All Applications must be filled out in the Club.

          Section 2. Applicants for ACTIVE Membership must be citizens of the United States of America, not under 21 years of age, of good moral character, sound mentally, and must serve a one (1) year probationary period as a SOCIAL member.

          Section 3. Applicants for SOCIAL Membership must be citizens of the United States of America, of good moral character, sound mentally and at least 21 years of age.

           Section 4. Applicants for Social Membership are to be made in writing on the proper application blanks, signed by the applicant, and recommended by at least two (2) Active members in good standing.

          Section 5. Application for ACTIVE membership may be made at the end of a one (1) year Social probationary period, and upon payment of the appropriate fee. Active membership applicants must be proposed by one Active member and recommended by a different, second Active member.

          Section 6. Damaged membership cards or fobs will be replaced once in a five year period at no charge. Additional replacements within a five year period will be assessed a $10.00 replacement fee paid in advance.


Article III

Balloting of New Members

          Section 1. If any member present at the Company’s meeting has any objection to a candidate being proposed for Membership,  they shall so state at the time of the reading of the candidate’s name, and a reason must be stated. Should one or more objection(s) be stated, then the applications shall be voted on separately. All Member applicants will be investigated.

          Section 2. Approval of all applicants must be unanimous.

          Section 3. If the applicant is rejected, the rejected applicant shall not be allowed to enter the club Premises.

          Section 4. If the applicant is rejected, they shall not be proposed within one (1) year after rejection. If an applicant for Active membership is rejected, they may remain a Social member.

Article IV

Fees and Dues

          Section 1. The fees for new membership(s) are as follows:

New Social Membership

Initiation                              $15.00

Dues                                      $20.00

Total                                      $35.00

Transfer from Social to Active

Dues                                      $15.00

          Section 2. Each Active member shall pay to the Financial Secretary, Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) per year as dues on or before December 31st of each calendar year. There will be a $5.00 penalty for renewals during the month of January making the dues $20.00.  Active members must reapply for a Social Membership if delinquent as of February 1st. All accumulated years will be forfeited.

          Section 3. Each Social Member shall pay $20.00 per year as dues on or before December 31st of each calendar year. There will be a $5.00 penalty for renewals during the month of January making the dues $25. Social members must reapply for membership as of February 1st.

          Section 4. Any person who has been an Active Member for twenty five years (25) is exonerated from further payment of dues and shall be called a Life Member. They shall be furnished a card key at no charge upon request.

         Section 5. Any Active member of ten (10) years and who is in good standing, may secure a paid up Life Membership upon payment of the balance of dues totaling twenty-five (25) years. Life Members are subject to all sections of Article VIII, referencing charges, suspensions, expulsions and reinstatements.

          Section 6. All application fees and dues of the Active members shall be put into a separate fund, to be called the “Death Benefit Fund.” Monies of this shall not be used for any other purpose than death benefits, unless approved by a majority vote of the Board of Governors at their regular monthly meeting of the Company. A separate report shall be given each month of this account at a regular stated meeting of the company.


Article V


          Section 1. Any Active Member who has paid at least one (1) year of dues and is in good standing shall be entitled to Death Benefits.

          Section 2. Upon the death of an Active Member in good standing, the following death benefit shall be paid to the decease’s designated beneficiary.  If their designated beneficiary is deceased, the Death Benefit shall be paid to the member’s funeral director and applied toward the payment of funeral expenses.  A Death certificate must be submitted to the Fearless office within 90 days following the member’s death in order to receive the Death Benefit.  Any beneficiary change must be submitted in writing and must be signed by the member.

    Death Benefits

          Life and Active members who joined prior to January 1, 2006 shall receive $20.00 for each successive year of membership with a limit of 25 years and a maximum payment of $500.00.

Active members who joined beginning January 1, 2006 shall receive $15.00 for each successive year of membership with a limit of 25 years and a maximum payment of $375..00.

Social members are not entitled to death benefits. 


Article VI


          Section 1. The Company shall have the power to levy assessment, for Company purposes, against ALL members. Assessments shall not exceed the fee of $10.00 per member, and must be approved by majority vote of the members present at a regular monthly meeting.

          Section 2.  Notice of any assessment shall be given to all members, and if the assessment is not paid within thirty (30) days, it shall be charged against the member as dues. If member does not pay assessment, that member shall be dropped as a member.

Article VII

          Section 1 – Life and Active members shall have the right of voice and vote on any or all business which is or may be brought before any meeting of the Company.  All members of the Company may attend the open meetings of the Company.

          Section 2. Social  members shall have voice, but no vote in the affairs of the Company.

Article VIII

Charges, Suspensions, Expulsions & Reinstatement’s

          Section 1. Charges of conduct unbecoming a member shall be made in writing and signed by two (2) members or witnesses in good standing. Upon filing of such charge, the President or his/her designee and any member of the Board of Governors the President or his/her designee deems necessary,  will investigate the charges, hear witnesses, including the accused if they so desire to be heard and report the findings to the membership for final action at a regular meeting of the Company.

          Section 2. Members against whom charges are referred shall be barred from Company meetings and the Company social rooms until final action has been taken by the company.

          Section 3. The Board of Governors may make temporary suspension not exceeding Three Hundred Sixty Five (365) days for conduct unbecoming a member.

  Section 4.  Any Member expelled for any major infraction of Club rules shall only be readmitted for membership in the Company if voted on by the Board of Governors and then proposed to the active body and voted on.

     Section 5.  Any Member found guilty of a felony in a Criminal  Court shall be examined by the Board of Governors on a case by case basis. 


Article IX

Nominations and Elections of Officers

          Section 1. Nominations of Officers shall be held at the regular monthly meeting in November.

          Section 2. No member shall be nominated for office who is not present at the November open unless they have submitted a letter of acceptance for the office to which they have been nominated.

          Section 3. Only Active members who have attended at least four (4) monthly meetings during the year are eligible for office.

          Section 4. Election of officers shall be held on the day of the regular monthly meeting in December. Voting shall be permitted between the hours of Noon and 6:00 PM

         Section 5. If needed, one (1) Judge and two (2) Tellers shall be appointed by the President to conduct the election. They shall sit in the Company’s Social Room between the hours of Noon and 6:00 PM on the day of the elections to receive ballots of members. Votes are to be counted and the results reported to the President who will then inform the members.

        Section 6. If a Judge and Tellers are needed, they shall not in any manner attempt to influence the outcome of the elections.

     Section 7. If a Judge and Tellers are needed, they are to receive remuneration set by the Board prior to the elections.

   Section 8. The newly elected Officers of the Company shall be installed and take office at the regular monthly meeting in December.

   Section 9. If needed, Absentee ballots may be provided to Active members who are on vacation, hospitalized, or confined to home with illness. Absentee Ballots must be obtained from the office secretary who will keep a record of who received and returned ballots and the reason for the absentee ballot. Ballots must be returned by Election Day.

Section 10. Absentee ballots will be issued with self-addressed return envelopes with request for return address and name. The envelope will be stamped “Vote to be Opened by Teller Only” on day of election.

       Section 11. Any absentee ballot that is tampered with or one that does not contain the “ return name and address” shall be declared VOID. The decision of the Tellers is final.

Section 12. Any officer of the Board who resigns from office for reasons other than time or health related problems, shall not run for any office position until the next general election. This does not apply to officers changing positions. As a prerequisite for the office of President, a member must have served on the Board of Governors for a minimum of one (1) year.

    Section 13. On tie votes in a special election, first tie will cause a re-ballot. If the vote is tied again, then each candidate will be given five (5) ballots to hand out to members of their choice, they then will be collected all folded the same way and placed in a container. Then five (5) ballots will be drawn by any Active member: they will be counted and decide the winner.

Section 14. On a tie in the General Election it shall follow the same procedure as in Section 13 at the following General meeting.


Article X

Duties of Office

          Section 1. The President shall preside at the meeting of the Company, preserve order, enforce the laws of the company, appoint all special and general committees, be the Chairman of the Board of Governors, and have general supervision of the work of the Officers. The President will oversee all personal of the company. The President shall be a member of all Special Committees. The President will only exercise his/her right to vote on issues of Special Committees in case of ties or deadlocks.

          Section 2. The Vice President shall preside over the company,  in the absence of the President and shall assist the President in maintaining order during meetings.

          Section 3. The Recording Secretary shall conduct all correspondence, keep a record of all business transacted at the meetings of the Company, have charge of the Seal of the Company, and affix it to all official documents, and make all reports required by the laws of the company. She/he shall also serve as Secretary to the Board of Governors and keep minutes of all business transacted at the meetings of the Board of Governors. 

          Section 4. The Financial Secretary shall receive all application fees, dues, and other money due the Company. He/she shall keep a record of all members. He/she shall present all applications for membership to the body at the regular monthly meetings. He/she shall maintain all the records require by the law pertaining to the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Act. He/she shall assist the Treasurer with the checkout of all cash drawers.

          Section 5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the checkout of cash drawers. He/she shall report at each monthly meeting the receipts and expenditures of the preceding month and the cash balance on hand.

          Section 6. All voucher checks issued on the funds of the Company shall be signed by at least two (2) of the following officers: President, Financial Secretary or Treasurer.

          Section 7. The House Committee shall have charge of and preserve the property of the Company and shall make all contracts ,pertaining to the preservation of the company, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.

          Section 8. The Board of Governors shall have charge of and shall conduct the bar, kitchen, and bowling alley business of the Company and all other business activities of the Company.

Article XI

Board of Governors

          Section 1. The Board of Governors shall organize within one (1) week after installation of its members.

          Section 2. The board of Governors shall make rules and regulations governing its business.

          Section 3. The Board of Governors shall make rules and regulations for the governance and business of the social rooms and have the same approved by the membership.

          Section 4. The Board of Governors shall employ competent personnel and dismiss for just cause as is necessary for the operation of the Social Club.

          Section 5. The Board of Governors shall engage a competent accountant to audit the Company’s books regularly, and make a written report to the Company.

          Section 6. The Board of Governors shall hold its regular meetings on the second (2nd) and last Monday of each month.

          Section 7. It is mandatory that The Board of Governors shall make a detailed financial report to the Company at each monthly meeting. This report is to be a detailed accounting of business transacted in the social rooms during the preceding month.

          Section 8. No member of the Board of Governors shall be employed as a full time employee of the Company. Full time constitutes a forty (40) hour week averaged over a (6) six- month period.

          Section 9. A quorum of five (5) elected officials is required to transact all binding policies or non-budget dispersal of funds.

          Section 10. The President of the Board of Governors may call a special meeting of the Board whenever necessary.

          Section 11. The Board of Governors may spend up to Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) before approval by the general membership is necessary. Emergency repairs are excluded from this requirement.

          Section 12. The Board of Governors shall be the investigating Committee for applicants for all Memberships.

          Section 13. The Board of Governors will assume supervision of all social operations of the Fearless Fire Company. They will maintain the highest standards possible.

          Section 14. The Board of Governors will be responsible to hire all personnel under its jurisdiction. All employees must be approved by a majority vote.

          Section 15. The bartender’s schedule shall be set up by the Bar Manager. Each bartender is to receive a copy of the schedule, and one is posted at the time clock. Event bartenders shall be scheduled using a rotating system so as to share the work among all employees. The schedule is to be made monthly and posted at the time clock.

         Section 16. The Board of Governors shall have the authority to suspend, with the intent to discharge any employee under its jurisdiction whom it feels is not performing his/her duties satisfactorily, or if they are continually short in the cash register. In such cases, an employee shall be subject to immediate dismissal.

        Section 17. The Bar Manager, with the approval of the Board of Governors, will be responsible for the monthly inventory of all resale items.

        Section 18. The Board of Governors will assume the responsibility of corrective maintenance on all equipment necessary to the Club’s operation.

       Section 19. Any member of the Board, Bartenders, Event Coordinators and the Doorperson has the authority to have any member or his/her guest removed from the building for actions unbecoming a member of the Fearless Fire Company.

       Section 20.  The Cook schedule will be made up by the Head Cook with approval of the Bar Manager.

      Section 21. The Waitress schedule will be made up by the bar Manager.

Article XII

Compensation of Officers

          Section 1. The President, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer shall receive Five Hundred ($500.00) per year. The Vice President and Recording Secretary shall receive Three Hundred Fifty ($350.00) per year. Each  House Committee person shall receive Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) per year. All above salaries shall be paid semiannually to Officers attending above meetings.

Article XIII


          Section 1. All members of the Board of Governors and employees of the Club are bonded by our insurance company to the extent of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) per person.

Article XIV

Fines and Penalties

          Section 1. When an officer is absent three (3) consecutive meetings, including the Board of Governors meetings, without a reasonable excuse, his office shall be declared vacant.

Article XV


          Section 1. A member changing his address shall notify the Club Secretary within one month after such change.

          Section 2. Members who have resigned or have been suspended or expelled shall return all keys or other property in their possession to the Board of Governors.          

          Section 3. Any member may bring no more than three (3) guests (other than spouse) into the Social Room. They must have such guests sign the Guest Book along with the member. The member is responsible for their guest’s behavior. When the member leaves the club, their guests must also leave. Guests are allowed to enter the club with a member a maximum of three (3) times, after which such guest must apply for membership.

          Section 4. No food shall be brought on the premises unless it is approved by the Board of Governors. Bringing of alcoholic beverages to or from the premises of the Fearless Fire Company is not permitted. (Except by authorized personnel).

       Section 5. All Club Activities must be approved by the Board of Governors. No reservations will be honored without payment in full. All events require a signed liability waiver which needs to be completed and on file prior to the event.

Article XVI


          Section 1. These by-laws shall not be changed or amended without the proposed change or amendment being first submitted in writing, signed by at least two (2) Active Members in good standing, read at two (2) successive monthly meetings and approved by two-thirds (2/3) of members present at the second monthly meeting at which they are read.  If at the first reading, a motion is made, seconded and approved to make a change, said change will be read and considered to be the first reading.

          Section 2. The meetings of the Company shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order. 

By-Law Changes for

Fearless Fire Co. No 14 of Allentown INC.

Effective December 5, 2022

2023 Officers 

 George Allan, President

Jeffrey Weiss, Vice President

Dallas Heckman, Financial Secretary

Debra Brinton, Treasurer

Amy Allan, Recording Secretary

Corey Williams, House Committee

Richard Kern Jr., House Committee